Infection After Rhinoplasty Pls Look at the CT and Reply? (photo)

I underwent rhinoplasty for cleft lip and palate three years back.The implant was taken from the hip bone,After 3 years pus started coming from the nose where the implant is done. CT scan report showed no abnormality, some doc's say that it may be due to an infected tooth but nothing could be identified. ENT surgeons did an examination and confirmed that bone graft needs to be removed. I have already taken heavy dose of antibiotics and still taking the same but no effect.please tell me what do?

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Infection after bone graft

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I'd recommend that you follow your treating surgeon's advice.  There is no substitute for a good history and physical examination, and, in your case, it is crucial to deciding on the proper course of treatment.

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Nfection After Rhinoplasty Pls Look at the CT and Reply?

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Over the internet we can not give diagnostic advise. ALWAYS follow the operative surgeon's treatment recommendations. If the bone graft needs to be removed than do it. 

CT Scan

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I recommend that you follow your Head & Neck Surgeon's advice.  Sinus infections can cause more serious trouble than you can imagine.

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