Had Infection After my BA. Could Tonsilitis Be the Cause?

Had a BA done 5 yrs & caught an infection on the 3rd day.Had my implants removed 7 days after.My PS never gave me the results of my culture.I am considering another BA but been doing research and I think what I had cellulitis. I have gotten cellulitis before in my belly and I also get Strep throat after every cold and ALWAYS have tonsil stones. I've learned MRSA is carried in the throat. Could my tonsils be the reason for my BA infection? Should I remove them? I also have Eczema (related)

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Infection post aug

with your history of abdominal cellulitis and tonsillitis it may not be  a bad idea to see an infectious disease expert to see what type of pre op antibiotucs you should take since you are prone to infections.

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Controlling infection after a breast augmentation

More than likely there is no relationship between tonsillitis and your breast implant becoming infected.  It is possible that you are a carrier for MRSA.  If so you should be evaluated for this by having a nasal culture performed.  Washing with a surgical soap then night before and the morning of the procedure has been shown to decrease the number of bacteria on the skin.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Breast implant infection

Any underlying infection can cause the implants to get infected, it fortunately is rare. I'm not sure if removing your tonsils will help, get an opinion from an ENT surgeon. It may also be reasonable to treat you with hibicleanse and antibiotics before and after surgery. Also consider being evaluated to see if you are a MRSA carrier. 

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Breast implant infection

It is highly unlikely that your tonsils caused the infection of your implant. So i wouldn't remove your tonsils. Unless an ENT surgeon recommends it for other health reasons. Not just for having a BA.

When performing any elective surgery, whether it is knee replacement or BA, it is best to have no signs of an acute infection. As theoretically you can seed the bacteria from one source to the foreign implant.

I would definitely get the results of your previous swab results for your infected breast implant. Then you can get preventative antibiotics prior to your 2nd BA to minimise the risk of an infection.


I hope this helps and good luck.


Pouria Moradi, MBBS, FRACS
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Distant infections and the risk to a breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation infections are usually related to contamination of the implant at the time of surgery or shortly after rather than from a distant infection. Being a carrier for MRSA can put you at risk for infections which do not respond to more common antibiotics. Removing your tonsils seems unwarranted.

David Bogue, MD
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