Possible Infection After Eye Bag Removal?

I just did my eye bag removal using transconjuctival method, there is no cut and the fats are removed from inside of my low eye lids. After the surgery, There is a lump on both my lower eye lid and it didn't seems to subside after 12 days. The left lump is bigger than the right. How long does it take to recover? I realized it gets bigger in the morning. Is there anything to be worried about? My eyes do feel tired easily. Anyway, to help reducing the swelling quicker?

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HEMATOMA? byVillar

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Lumps, knots, retraction, are typically signs of hematoma or bleeding into the tissue after the surgery.  This is often accompanied by bruising.  Typically with excellent hemostasis and preoperative Decadron, there is minimal swelling and no lumps, with a few exceptions to the rule.  A blood clump from a hematoma clots and solidifies over time.  It then becomes hypertonic and absorbs fluid from surrounding tissue.  This delays healing and swelling seems to recur after initially improving.  Eventually the clot will be reabsorbed and you should do fine in the majority of cases.  Best wishes. Knowledge is power.  Luis F. Villar MD FACS

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No pictures-hard to be very specific.

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SIgns of infection include increasing pain, swelling, redness, and discharge.  If you don't have these, it is less likely that you are infected.  However,  it is best if you have your surgeon examine you to assess what is going on.  If is common that there is firm lumpiness follow lower eyelid surgery.  That can be relatively normal.  However, there is no substitute for a personal assessment by your surgeon to set your mind to rest.  Please do not wait for your follow up appointment.  Call today and let them know of your concern.

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