Can Infection Affect Post-laser Recovery?

Hi, I took co2 laser resurface treatment few months ago. After first session results were very good, however after 3 weeks Acne came back. Doctor said it's quite normal and 5 weeks after first session we did another resurface (on face with acne). This time results were not good, in place of some pimples I was left with red blemishes, also didn't notice any scar improvement, even worsening in compare to prevoius session. Question is: Could infection inhibit proper recovery? Thank You, Jan

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Infection affecting Post laser recovery

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Dear Patient,

Yes as you suspected, skin infection after laser treatment can affect recovery after resurfacing laser (such as fractional C02 laser). So if you get an infection, it may slow healing or cause more uneven color/texture results. Having acne after laser treatment does not necessarily mean you had a skin infection. Acne breakout can happen after resurfacing lasers, it is temporary and treatable. However, if you saw your practitioner as you were healing after the laser (follow-up visits), he/she would have noticed signs of skin infection (etc. redness, pain, swelling, and pus production) and would likely have treated the infection accordingly. Good luck. 

Davie Dermatologist

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