I Am Infected with Giant Congenital Nevus Include Most of the Trunk and Thighs Black and Hairy Nevus? (photo)

I am infected with giant congenital nevus include most of the trunk and thighs black and hairy nevus I need cosmetic surgery to remove the birthmark Is there a cure for my case and what are the costs

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Unknown, but careful monitoring needed.

This is a very difficult birthmark to treat, and hence I'm answering this. Usually treatments are conducted at an early age by a plastic surgeon. 

This birthmark as you correctly pointed out is a bathing trunk congenital naevus. It has a moderate chance of melanoma, and you will NEED to be seen by a dermatologist every 4-8 months. All the best. 

Hope that helps, regardsDr Davin LimDermatologist, Cosmetic and Laser

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