Infected Eyelid After an Asian Blepharoplasty. Should I Ask For A Referral Closer to Home ASAP? (photo)

I had the surgery a month ago and my left eye does not seem to be healing well but I patiently waited as surgery takes time to heal. 3 days ago I contacted my doctor and requested a dose of antibiotics since my left eye seemed to gotten worse. I started taking the antibiotics for about 2 days now. My doctor is located in Beverly Hills, a 6 hrs drive from me. Should I insist on seeing my doctor or ask for a referral closer to home ASAP or should I wait until after taking all the antibiotics?

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Call your doctor asap

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If you call him or her and send over photos, I am sure he can prescribe some antibiotics to treat your problem.  They do look infected.  It is always preferable to see your original physician.





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Send photos to your surgeon.

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You should send these photos to your surgeon. He/she needs to know how you are progressing. The effects of the antibiotic may take a day or two to become apparent.

However if you feel like the swelling, redness, and pain is progressing rapidly, or if you think your vision is worsening,  you should seek help immediately.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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There is not enough information presented here to conclude that you have an eyelid infection.

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I personally do not prescribe antibiotic without a personal consultation.  A potential infection is a serious matter.  This warrants an immediate medical examination by your surgeon or another surgeon.  If it is not possible to see your surgeon, I strongly recommend being assessed by a local ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon.  If things are getting worse, please take yourself to an emergency room.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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