Infected Butt After Butt Implants + Fat Transfer from the Back, What Can I Do?

I had it done 8 days ago, I never had that much pain in my life. Got my boobs done one year ago and the implant right dropped, it's nothing compared to what I am going thru now. I can't sleep, it's worst at night my blood pressure goes up. It's the right side that is causing pain again + my right leg sometimes gets numb. The only thing that concerns me is, that it didn't get any better since day one. I can't see myselfe having them taken out and going thru the pain again, not strong enough

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Butt implants

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See your plastic surgeon ASAP, If there is infection, the implants need to be removed, treated with IV antibioticstill you have control over the infection then convert to oral antibiotics.

If there is no infection then your pain can be managed by your plastic surgeon.


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Severe pain 8 days after buttock implants

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Buttock augmentation using implants is associated with severe pain but which usually gets better after 8 days. If you are still having severe pain, especially if it's one sided, you need to see your plastic surgeon immediately. If you are having an infection, then the implants would most likely need to be removed as part of the treatment.

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