Do I need revision for my ptosis surgery? My left eye size is different than my right eye. Is the eye still swelling? (Photo)

Hi Doctor! I had ptosis in both eyes & on July 11 I did the ptosis surgery (Levator Resection) until today August 10 it's been almost a month. My right eye turns out good,but my left eye size is different 1mm than my right eye. Is it because the eye still swelling? My doctor said to wait until early September, if my left eye still remain the same then she'll perform revision. But I'm afraid of getting surgery again :( Do you think my left eye will slowly recover & follow my right eye? Thank You

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Yes this will need to be revised.

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You need to find an oculoplastic surgeon to make this repair.  I suspect that what happen here is the result of the surgeon not properly dissecting the levator aponeurosis tendon.  If this is correct, it should be possible for a properly trained surgery to profoundly improve your result provided you have normal levator function in this eyelid.  Now here is the bad news, I would recommend letting this heal for 4 to 6 months at this point before having it revised.

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Left eye low post op

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You have residual ptosis on the left.  You should wait until about 6 months and then have a revision.   Sometimes the levator can be advanced more.  Or the mullers muscle can be shortened 

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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