Nose bleeding when cleaning after 1 month post op

I did my rhinoplasty a month ago, the doctor cut a little bone on my bridge (left and right side) to make my bridge more higher. Doctor didnt put any implant on my bridge. Moreover, doctor do a tip plasty on my nose, using my ear cartilage, and reduce my alar. These past few days my right side of my nose is bleeding every time i clean it. I put cotton bud on my nose and the blood is there. Its not severe bleeding but i'm worry now coz the bleeding is there. Is this normal? Should i be worry ?

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Nose bleeding when cleaning after 1 month post op

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Bleeding following rhinoplasty is almost expected within the first 5 days. Following that, it is very important to know that your nose, including its lining, has a very rich blood supply, and that any trauma to the nose is almost guaranteed to result in bleeding. I am mostly concerned regarding your "cleaning of the nose". Please note, your nose does not require you to perform any form of cleaning that is more aggressive than gentle dabbing. At most, I instruct all of my patients to use nasal saline mist at least 4 times per day to humidify the nose and ensure the home environmental air is also humid. Secondly, I instruct them to apply a specific ointment to the nose to keep the nasal lining and the incisions moist. Dry incisions can crack and bleed, which will lead to crusting, subsequent picking, bleeding, and vicious cycle of unpleasantness. My first recommendation to you would be to follow-up with your surgeon and review care instructions in detail. Next, remember that you should not touch or rub and portion of the inside of the nose for any reason, not even cleaning. Your nose may scab and crust internally, and the nasal sprays and ointment will help fix this slowly, allowing for your nasal lining and incisions to heal appropriately. If the crusting is significant, your surgeon should be happy to assist you with this and perform it safely in the clinic. Best of luck!

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