I want to ask about the disease ptosis and ambliopia; is this ptosis or ambilopia? (Photos)

That's a picture of my eyes, whether ptosis or ambliopia? Please explain

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Minimal Ptosis

Hi. Greetings from the UK. You have minimal ptosis (drooping of the lid margin) affecting YOUR LEFT upper eyelid. Amblyopia is a development abnormality leading to poor vision in childhood and is nothing to do with your condition. The reason why you're confusing the terms is because the public anecdotally refer to a ptotic eyelid as  a 'lazy eyelid' or 'lazy eye'. Similarly the public also call an amblyopic eye a 'lazy eye'. So when people say you have a 'lazy eye' they sometimes mean either a ptotic eyelid or an amblyopic eye. Either way your ptosis is minimal and most surgeons in the UK at least anyway would not offer you surgery as it is fairly mild. Hope that helps. Best wishes David

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