Non dissolvable suture after incisional eyelid surgery?

Hi, I got incisional eyelid surgery 6 months ago and the doctor left non dissolvable sutures inside my eyes that causes irritation. Is it normal for doctor to put permanent sutures after incisional surgery? I want to get revision to fix my irritated eyelid and remove the sutures, but I don't want my eyes to have anymore sutures inside. Also, what is the risk of revision surgery? Can it cause lagophthalmos? I have a thin eyelid, I think still have skin to cut and revise (not much).

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Incisional Eyelid Surgery with Non Absorbale suture

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I do not know what exact procedure you have had based on your question, but asking your surgeon to look at and remove the suture if necessary would be my suggestion

Yes it can be normal.

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It is also normal for non absorbable sutures that were once buried to become exposed.  This stitch needs to be removed.  See your surgeon for this or find an ophthalmologist to assist you will the removal of the offending suture.  The other questions really can't be answered in a meaningful way without a detailed consultation.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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