What Do I Need? Chin Augmentation, or Jaw Reduction, Cheek Augmentation? (photo)

Bare with my nose, I accidentally hit my nose (10 months post tipplasty) Should be ok.. Here I posted 2 pictures front view and side view. Both pictures include my face at the moment (left) and the edited version (right). I need you guys to let me know, what is the best procedure to get at least closer to the edited photo??. I want to have a more definition shape, sharper face feature. Right now, it's a little bit round/oval. I want to have a slightly longer chin, less fat cheek, and sharper jaw.

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Sharper More Defined Jawline Desired

Your edited pictures are a bit confusing. The front view shows a total and substantial jawline change while the side view shows very little change. You will have to provide further clarification of your goals. But any form of chin lengthening and the sharpness of the jawline I believe you are demonstrating may well require custom jawline implants as opposed to stock off-the-shelf jaw implants.

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