Big bowl appeared a few months after restylane injection. What should I do?

hi, I have a big bowl a few month after injection of restylane in one side of my cheek. It appears that it s not exactly where it has been injected, It look like the product has migrated in one point and it s like an inflamation. Because a very small amount has been injected, and the bowl is quiet big. I try to make massage, but the bowl has become bigger. What should i do to make this bowl desappear? Thanks

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Lump after Restylane

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I would definitely return to a board certified dermatologist to evaluate the lump.  It is important to see if it is an allergy or if this is too much product.  You can have the product dissolved with Vitrase.  Best, Dr.  Green

Bowl after Restylane

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It is unusual for this to occur especially this long after injection but if it is Restylane your doctor can inject hyaluronidase to make it go away

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