How to correct an implant that has moved towards the right? Only 7 days post op. (Photo)

I am 7 days post op. 400cc moderate profile silicone under with a lift. My left breast looks great. On day 2 after my post op I took the photo that shows the right implant is pushed over to the side so there's no fullness in the cleavage or upper pole, it's actually kind of flat and soft. My PS has me putting a sock inside my sports bra to manually push the implant over to train it. Will this work and it'll drop into the right place? Is this the best method and will it fix it since it's early?

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Implant Moved To The Right

It sounds like your breast pocket is too large.  Your surgeon is using the sock in your sports bra to help the pocket heal in.  Follow his instructions as you are in the early healing stage, and this may work.

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