Would a wide short chin have any limitations to the degree it can be moved forward through a sliding genionplasty? (photo)

If you were to imagine you were looking under my chin, my jaw would look like the one on the left on the picture added. Basically, my jaw is wide and my chin is thick and I could imagine a sliding genioplasty might not be effective for this structure. By putting my mind at rest before I go see a surgeon would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Actually, a wider chin is usually an advantage since the front view appearance tends to look more narrow with a genioplasty. See the surgeon and discuss your concern.

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Sliding Genioplasty

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It would depend on what your goal was from a sliding genioplasty procedure. (final chin shape)  A thick and wide chin bone does not preclude having a sliding genioplasty. Depending on the shape of the chin you seek from the front view it may change the type of sliding genioplasty done. (how the bone is cut)

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