What is the best type of bra after 3 weeks post op anchor technique breast lift/reduction?

What is the best type of bra after 3 weeks post op anchor technique breast lift/reduction? I have heard you need a very supportive but I have also heard it is best to get light support so the breasts don't become dependent upon bras. Which is correct?

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Support Bra after breast reduction...

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The management of support garments following this procedure varies from surgeon to surgeon and depends on a multitude of variable.

Patients who undergo breast reduction surgery can expect swelling and discomfort following this procedure. In an effort to decrease swelling, most surgeons utilize compression garments in the post-operative period. Compression minimizes swelling and decreases post-operative pain. It helps to remodel soft tissue and contributes significantly to the contour improvement seen with this procedure. This is continued for at least three weeks following surgery. At this point, patients are switched into a sports bra without an underwire for an additional three months. 

Your doctor will decide after surgery and in subsequent weeks, which dressing will suit your needs.

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Surgical bra

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Hello dear, thanks for your question. 

How long I have to wear my post-surgical bra after a Breast surgery?

I always recommend my patients to wear their prost-surgical bra for at least 3 months from surgery day.

Then you can change to an sports bra and continue using it for at least 6 months from surgery. It is a process and we have to give support and protection to our breasts.

Compression is good for our breasts after a this procedure, we have to protect our post-surgical results and we will have a great surgery outgoing!! 

But I recommend to ask to your PS, because each surgeon has their own politics.

Good luck :)


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I usually have patients wear a sports type or surgical bra without a wire.    Best to ask you surgeon his preference.  

Best type of bra

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Thank you for your question.

Every doctor has their own opinions regarding postoperative protocols and garments.  I recommend contacting your plastic surgeon to discuss which garment they feel is right for you, given your surgery and your healing course.


Dr. Dan Krochmal

MAE Plastic Surgery

Northbrook, IL

Daniel Krochmal, MD
Chicago General Surgeon

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