Is There Any Hope for Me with a BBL Procedure After TT and Butt Lift Following Weight Loss if I Am Thin?

I am a 24 F. At 14, I lost over 100 lbs over 3 yrs. At 18, I had a TT which still left me w/skin on my backside. At 19, I went to another surgeon for a buttock lift and revision of my TT scar, it helped w/the skin but left me with a saggy behind and no protrusion of my buttocks. In Aug, I had a BA which I am happy w/but my biggest issue with my body is my backside. I am 5'8.5 and 137 lbs. I excercise 3x/wk but can't get results. Is there any hope for a nice, round behind with a BBL at my size?

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Is There Any Hope for Me with a BBL Procedure After TT and Butt Lift Following Weight Loss if I Am Thin? (photo)

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Thank you for your question.  You would need to have an in person consult to determine if you have enough fat for a BBL.  based on your photos, it appears that you have some fat in the love handle area that can be used.  That will improve your overall have as well by giving more of a waist.

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Do I have enough fat for BBL?

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Congratulations on the weight loss!  

With these pictures it is difficult to say.  Often patients who have had tummy tucks in the past will still have enough fat to perform the procedure.  Make a live consultation with a plastic surgeon to see if you are a good candidate.

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Do I Have Enough Fat For A BBL Procedure?

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In looking at your photos, I do not really see enough fat to make the BBL procedure worthwhile. When you factor in that the liposuctioned fat must be concentrated and not all of it ill survive, it makes the procedure for you very dubious as to whether the result will justify the effort. You are likely better off considering buttock implants which have an assured result

Am I a candidate for the BBL?

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Looking at your photos it appears that you have good donor fat in the waist. You may also be able to use fat from the inner thighs and arms but you need to be examined. I would suggest that you seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing the BBL to see if you are a candidate and to see if your expectations can be met. Good luck!

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