Revision rhinoplasty, extending nose/shortening lip? Rebuilding dorsum

My nose was deprojected way too much resulting in extremely flared nostrils & flat appearance from the front as if someone has smashed the tip of my nose down. My columella was overly reduced/tucked which is part of the culprit I'm assuming. My lip now hangs at the bottom of my top teeth showing no teeth when at rest/talking. During revision, will lengthening/projecting the nose back out help shorten the lip again like before? I will have my dorsum built back up to accommodate tip projection

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Revision rhinoplasty

I appreciate your question.  I do agree with the other comment regarding the necessity to view pictures in order to answer your question fairly.  Revision rhinoplasty is very complex.  Projecting the nose may not shorten your lip.  In order to achieve this complex techniques would need to be employed.

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Revision rhinoplasty to rebuild the dorsum

A revision rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult procedures to perform in the entire field of cosmetic surgery, therefore a full set of pictures are required in addition to an in-person examination.  It is also important to know how much cartilage is left on the inside of the nose for potential grafting purposes to build up the bridge line.  For more information  and many examples of revision rhinoplasty, please see the link and the video below

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