Remove alar rim grafts? Infection?

I had my septorhinoplasty 2 months ago. I had no idea I had rim grafts in my nostrils till last week when I asked for my operating report. I've had tender pain in my nostrils and hard knots. I've been able to smell an odd odor coming from these knots on the inside. Are they infected and can these be removed asap? I understand it will not look great but I already know I want a revision to rebuild my nose since it's too small already (I understand I have to wait a year till that can take place.)

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If you have an infection, than it might be necessary to remove any loose material inside your nose. You would have to be seen in person. Good luck.

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Possible infection after surgery

It is difficult to tell the cause of your symptoms without an exam.  I suggest you contact your surgeon for evaluation to determine if there is in fact a complication that needs to be addressed. 

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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