Options for my long face? Is a lip lift a good idea? Most importantly, realistic expectations in terms of length? (photos)

I'm bothered by my long midface. I don't think a maxillary impaction is an option I can consider. I've read that a sliding genioplasty (to bring the chin forward) and cheek implants can actually help. I've thought of a lip lift too but I'm not sure I'm a candidate. What I would like to find out is if the soft tissues of the midface can be shortened noticably by the sliding genioplasty procedure or this will do nothing to the actual midface length. Do the expectations below look realistic ?

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Even if you could undergo a maxillary impaction thus will not help your long midface. Such a procedure only reduces excessive tooth show (gummy smile ) and does not shorten the midface. There is no procedure that can actually shorten your midface and I don't see any benefit to a lip lift either. All you can do is to change the shape of the around the midface to see if that camouflages the longer midface. A sliding genioplasty can only elongate the lower third of the face but that would only make your overall face longer.

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