Odd feeling in one breast while laying on stomach - I am coming up on 3 months post op.

I had 375cc mod+ under the muscle. 5 days ago I laid down on my stomach and felt a new, strange discomfort in my right breast. Like my implant doesn't have anywhere to go when I put pressure on it, unlike the other side that compresses and goes flat with my body. I have no pain but I have done extra activities such as swimming so could it just be irritated? I feel like the implant is a little higher but I'm not sure.

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Issue with one breast

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If something feels different and you are concerned, then you need to see your surgeon.  Best of luck...

Odd feeling in one breast while laying on stomach - I am coming up on 3 months post op

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Thank you for sharing your question.  As this is a new discomfort I would reach out to your plastic surgeon for an in-person examination to ensure that all is well with your outcome and current result.  This may be residual swelling and firmness to your breast tissues which in time will relax and afford a more natural movement and compression to your implant, but other issues such as a capsular contracture should also be ruled out. Your surgeon will be able to afford you the appropriate diagnosis and offer treatment options or reassurance that all is well.  

3 Months Post Op Changes

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Regarding discomfort or changes which are new it is best that you be seen in person by your Plastic Surgeon.

All the best

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