Is it normal to have extreme soreness around my incision and the ribs surrounding it post-op day1-2 of breast augmentation?

I feel like I'm going to tear my stitches every time I try to get up from a chair or my recliner. I'm trying to use my abs and legs to pull me up but I'm thinking my ribs are also part of the soreness. Is this normal?

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Soreness around my incision and the ribs surrounding it.

Thank you for sharing your experience and question.  In most cases of breast augmentation the implant is placed directly over the ribs of a woman's chest after the chest muscle is lifted off of them.  It is not uncommon for this to cause continued soreness to the ribs which resolves spontaneously during the recovery process.  Hang in there, you should see daily steady improvement.

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Pain after augmentation

Yes, pain around the incision is very typical one or two days after a breast augmentation. This is where the tissues were cut and stitches were placed to hold things together. It should be getting better day by day, so if it is not, asked your plastic surgeon for further advice.
Best of luck!
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Pain day 1 or 2?

yep.  It hurts...take pain meds as you are prescribed. Hang in there. Hope this helps.
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Is it normal to have extreme soreness around my incision and the ribs surrounding it post-op day1-2 of breast augmentation?

Yes, the discomfort you describe can be normal the first 2-3 days after breast augmentation. You are doing right by tring to use your thighs and avoid pushing with your arms and abs when you move, get up from chair or in and out of bed. Should be much better in another day or two.

Discomfort in the first days after Breast Augmentation

The discomfort you are describing is normal. When you push yourself up from a chair, you are using your pectoralis muscles a little bit - even when you try not to. This flexes the muscle and can be sore. Every day it will get better. If it doesn't, you should contact your plastic surgeon. Most patients feel like the first few days are the hardest. Hang in there!

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Pain may be normal after breast augmentation

Normal Breast augmentation pain can result from:
-muscle being stretched
-skin being stretched 
-sutures pulling the nerves near the incision

With time all of these sources of pain should improve.

I hope this helps.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

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Some discomfort is common early on.

Discomfort and soreness around the incision sites and in your chest is normal in the first few days after breast augmentation. You don’t say where your breast implants were placed but if you had a submuscular placement that could be part of what’s causing the soreness in your ribs. Your body needs time to recover and heal. Keep using your abs and legs to help you move about. If recommended by your plastic surgeon, pain medication and muscle relaxers may help ease your discomfort, which should lessen in the next few days.

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Rib/Incision Pain


Thank you for your question. Pain which radiates outward from incision sites, across the ribs and through pectoral muscles is common after BA surgery. Your Plastic Surgeon will likely advise you to rest your arms as much as possible for the first few days and to avoid any strenuous activity or lifting. Sometimes pressure of the surgical bra on incisions can increase pain. Talk to your plastic surgeon about ways to relieve pain as you are healing. Usually, most soreness and bruising is resolved within the first 2 weeks. Hang in there,

All the best

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Pain 1-2 days after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.   Yes, it is typical to have soreness at your incision and deep down to the ribs following breast augmentation.  Take your pain medication as prescribed and this will improve with time.  Best of luck to you!

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Incision at day one

Everyone has a different experience with surgery. It certainly should be sore. How sore is hard to quantify. If concerned, see your surgeon.

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