Can I get a mid face lift or a face lift? With liposuction a on my neck and jaw.

I have really saggy cheeks for my age. I'm 21. Please don't judge. They say that prove tension is key. Please don't judge that I'm 21. It makes me look a lot older and upset or sad. Can I get a mid facelift or a facelift?

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Facial lifting at 21

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Thank you for asking about your face lifting.The question is whether surgery can  give you the improvement you want. I strongly suggest you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a full evaluation before embarking on any treatment. Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Your Age is irrelevant

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Just because you are 21 years old doesn't mean you can't improve upon your appearance. If you have an area of your face that concerns you, more than likely, there is something that can make it look better. Filler may be a very simple way to improve your appearance without any downtime. Cheek implants and/or fat grafting may be a longer lasting solution. I'd recommend seeing a facial plastic specialist and discuss your concerns. A personal consultation is absolutely necessary so a customized treatment plan can be created.Andrew Campbell, M.D.Facial Plastic SpecialistQuintessa Aesthetic Centers

Andrew Campbell, MD
Milwaukee Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift in a 21 year-old

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Thanks for the question.  In general, a facelift procedure in someone who is 21 years old is unusual.  Age alone does not exclude you from getting a facelift but a full consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is really needed to determine what options you have.  Without any photos to evaluate, it is difficult to offer any clinical recommendations.  If loss of volume is the issue, fat transfer to the face is a great option for adding volume to the face.  Other options include Voluma or Sculptra to add volume to the face.  If this is a skin surface issue, you may be a candidate for laser resurfacing or a chemical peel.

Volume to mid-face

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I will be shocked if you can find a surgeon willing to perform a facelift on someone 21 and if you do, I would certainly recommend that you not proceed with surgery. There are lots of non-surgical options to help you. Without seeing you in person, impossible to give a truly accurate recommendation but filler or fat grafting in the mid-face would probably be the best place to start.


Kouros Azar

Kouros Azar, MD
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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At 21 you would be hard pressed to find a surgeon to recommend a mini or midface lift.  You may benefit more from volume provided with a fat grafting procedure which does not involve incisions or scars.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 


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Facelifts correct sagging of the deep tissues of the face, something highly unlikely to exist in a 21 year old. You should see a plastic surgeon and let them see what you are bothered by. I'm sure there is a solution, its just probably not a facelift.

Face lift at age 21?

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A face lift is not the answer here, as you are too young for that.  If your concern is the cheek volume, rather than sagging you may lack natural volume, and an enhancement procedure could be an option.  That can be done with implants or fat grafting.  An in-person consultation would help you learn more after you are formally assessed.  Good luck.

Thomas A. Pane, MD
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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21 year-old wanting facelift

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Dear fivefeet:Without photos accompanying your question, it is difficult to know what could be done for you. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, practicing for over 30 years, I have never performed a true facelift on anyone as young as you. Mid-facial lifts do offer a benefit to patients with "flat" cheekbone contours, but, again, this is rarely recommended for patients in their 20's; I would likely recommend cheek implants or perhaps fat grafting as alternatives, but it is hard to be precise without an examination. I recommend you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your interests in this regard. I wish you good fortune in your quest!                         Sincerely,James H. Scheu.M.D.

James H. Scheu, MD, FACS
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift at 21

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I have performed liposuction on 21 year olds, but not a facelift. It would be very rare indeed to perform a facelift on a 21 year old.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Cheek Lift

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To achieve a cheek lift effect at your age you may not require a formal cheek lift to do so. Cheek implants and fat injections are options to add volume that may be adequate for your needs. It would take seeing pictures to make that assessment. Regardless of the midface procedure, liposuction of the neck and jawline can be done at the same time. 

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