Is this infected? (photos)

I am 4 weeks post op and had a lollipop lift with 300cc mod+ smooth round silicone. I was doing fine until a few days ago when I noticed my left nipple was redder in some spots and noticed what I thought was a scab, it's not. Other than the redness and feeling a little tender, I have no other symptoms, but I'm terrified that's it's infected. Should I be concerned? If so, what should I do to clean it before I can get I my ps?

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Is this infected?

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Based on viewing your pictures, you do not appear to be showing any signs of infection. Most likely you are experiencing some inflammation from your stitches spitting at the surface. All of this would need to be addressed with your surgeon at your follow up apportionment. 

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Infection post lift/aug

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After looking at your photos you appear to be fine.What is happening is that some of your sutures are working there way out and that can happen.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Infection vs Inflammation, please check with your PS

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#Infection and Inflammation may have similar symptoms: redness, tenderness, swelling, heat, discomfort.  Your PS is most qualified to make this diagnosis.  In the absence of fever and pus, it is possible that the red "dots", in the line of the scar represent #"suture abscesses", where the knots push through the skin causing some inflammation.  If the suture ends "extrude" or become exposed pus may be evident, however rarely are antibiotics prescribed.  Local wound care and clipping the offending suture is all that's generally required. 

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
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No your breast isn't infected. You have a minor wound healing issue at the inverted T and what looks  like some spitting sutures. Let your PS know so he can guide you to the best outcome.

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