Could the hole in my nose have something to do with the rhino surgery? The ENT doctor thinks so.

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Septal Perforation and Rhinoplasty

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I would assume that you have been diagnosed with a hole in your septum (septal perforation). The septum is the internal partition of the nose, made of cartilage and bone, that separates the right and left nasal passages. Perforations can be caused by infection, autoimmune disease, neoplasm, and trauma. Trauma can be from previous nasal fracture, rhinoplasty, or cauterization for nosebleeds. It is very possible, perhaps likely, that your "hole" is from previous surgery if none of the other conditions apply. However, it is hard to be certain. Perforations of the septum should be treated when they are symptomatic and cause bleeding, pain, crusting or nasal obstruction. Some perforations cause no symptoms at all.  Best Wishes.

Hole in nose and rhinoplasty

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Without photos or an exam online consultants cannot give you any useful advice.  Below is some general information on rhinoplasty , but you are best served by in person consultations.  Best wishes, 

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