What are good options if this double chin does not go away with losing 5 pounds? 35 years old, 128 lbs. (Photo)

What are good options if this double chin does not go away with losing 5 pounds? I am 35. Thanks! I am 128 pounds, and trying to lose about 5 pounds while working out with weights and building muscle. But I feel that my double chin looks like that of a much more overweight person. I would love your opinion on this please. I'm worried that my skin is stretched or something... or that it will not go away with weight loss.

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Double chin and neck fat removal

A double chin can be caused from excess skin or fat in the neck which is impossible to tell from the photo taken  from across the room. A full set of photos are required before giving any opinion. A neck lift or  liposuction in the neck may be required depending upon the presenting issues.

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Options to treat double chin

Close up photos of your face and neck or an examination would be needed to give you the best advice.  It does appear from the photo you provided that liposuction under your chin would be helpful.  The exam would determine whether any other procedures would help or not. 

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Double Chin Correction

Based on this one picture, it appears that there may be a significant skin issue and not just fat alone that is causing your double chin. An examination would clarify that issue. I suspect that more weight loss will not make any difference in the shape of your neck. Whether this will need correction by liposuction alone or a submentoplasty procedure is best determined by a physical examination.

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