Should I go to the er to get a sonogram of my implants?

I have been experiencing severe pain in my left breast and now it has spread to my right breast. Before anyone recommends I go see my plastic surgeon, he 's in colombia and I already have an appointment with him and, I do not have health insurance. My surgeon asked that I bring him a sonogram of my breast. I was hoping that if I go to the er they can give me a sonogram and then follow up with my surgeon. Plus I live in a state that offers emergency medicaid in emergency rooms. Suggestions?

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Emergency Sonogram

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I believe Emergency Rooms should be reserved for emergencies. If you plan to see your Columbian surgeon soon, then I suggest you wait, let him examine you and then have any diagnostic test he thinks he needs done there. If the appointment is too far in the future, then you should see a board certified plastic surgeon in your city who can then guide you. Best wishes!

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