Are there any effective ways to lower the eyebrow position permanently?

As far as I know, Botox is a solution for that matter but not a long-lasting one. Can a custom made brow ridge implant be used to lower the position of the eyebrow?

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Eyebrow/Eyelid position needs careful evaluation by an expert

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You did not include a photo, but I suggest you seek out an experienced surgeon with expertise in Brow lifting and eyelid surgery.  There are numerous reasons why your eyebrows may be "too high" -- did you have a prior surgery and you are unhappy? Are your eyelids heavy/drooping and so you raise your eyebrows chronically to compensate for that very common aging change? I have often found that proper eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty and/or Ptosis Surgery) and Botox/Xeomin can restore eyebrows to a more satisfactory position if the reason they are elevated is droopy/aging changes.  If this is the case, the Botox/Xeomin may not need to be continued indefinitely -- but you may need some initially or a for a few treatments.  Best of luck in your search!

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Eyebrow lowering

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In general, as we age, the eyebrows drop as our forehead skin and musculature stretch. if you had a prior eyebrow lift that resulted in your eyebrows sitting too high that could be corrected. Placing an implant above your eyebrow would actually raise the eyebrow. The added volume would pull the eyebrow up. Photos would be very helpful here.


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