How do I know if my Dental Implant fell out?

I had an implant done on Saturday and it's in the healing process. I can't really feel anything jutting out like I thought I would. Could it be possible that it fell out or is it likely up there still and I just can't quite place it b/c of all the stitches and such? Would I know if it fell out? It does not hurt at all.

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Can't feel new implant

What you are feeling is completely normal.  Most patients do not have pain, but they can feel the stitches.  Occasionally, the healing cap on the implant can loosen and come out, but that is easily screwed back on by your surgeon or restoring dentist.  If you are concerned, I'm sure your surgeon would be happy to take a look and make sure that the area is healing normally and that the implant is still in place.

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You would know if it fell out

Good question. Patients often feel this way. The implant is placed in the bone and usually has the gum stitched over it so it will feel the same as it does when you came in before the surgery. You would know if it fell out because you would have a screw in your mouth. It is very rare for implants to fall out. Sometimes the healing abutment can come out and just needs to be retightened.

Kyle G. Stanley, DDS
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Dental Implant

There are two surgical approaches to implant placement. The more traditional approach is when an implant is placed below the gum line and the gum line is sutured over and covers the implant. Months later, a small incision in the gum tissue is made to expose the implant for restoration. The more common procedure is a single stage implant where a healing cap is placed to allow the gum line to form around this small protrusion. The most common occurrence is that this healing cap comes off to where many patients believe it was the implant that was lost. The only way to verify this is with an x-ray. Please visit your implant surgeon as soon as possible.

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