Chin implant not right shape. (Photo)

I am about 2.5 weeks post op. It is still early to tell the outcome of the chin, I'm not sure about chin implant shape & whether it was the right choice for my face. I have big cheeks & before chin implant I had small narrow chin creating an apple-shaped face. My ps didn't want to add width to my chin afraid that it would take away from apple shape. He put in sm cntrl implant. I'm not happy w/ shape of chin right now & believe an extended anatomical chin implant would have been the better.

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Chin implant

I would tend to agree with you. Although I understand your surgeon's concern about widening your lower face, it appears that a more extended anatomic shaped implant may have been a better choice. Of course it is easy to be a "Monday morning quarterback" and I hesitate to make a criticism, since I have not examined you. My answer is solely based on your photos and your comments. I would address your concerns with your surgeon.

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Chin implant not right shape

I perform a lot of chin implants and do use the extended anatomical implant most times.  This is strictly a preference of mine; and the button implant may be the preference of your surgeon.  I believe the width of the extended anatomical implant will not change the apple of your cheeks.  Best to discuss this in detail with your surgeon.

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