Which chemical peel or combination is best to lighten dark skin?

I am a very dark completion . I used to be lighter when I was younger but years out in the sun has darkened my skin. I am really dark in pictures and it bothers me. I really want to lighten my skin and also get rid of the acne scars which are even darker, which chemical peel is best and will provide the results I need.

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Dark peel vi peel

A vi peel is a medium depth peel that can be used on any color skin and I have had a good experience using it on dark marks left from acne as well as under eye areas. tCA peeps are limited in that I have seen peels performed by others actually darken the skin in some cases. The vi peel has a far greater range of safety.

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Chemical peels in darker skin tones

Chemical peels can be a great option for reducing pigmentation and improvement of texture and fine lines.  It is extremely important to seek out an expert in chemical peeling because results and side-effects vary some much depending on experience.  In darker skin types, there are increased risks of hyperpigmentation post treatment.  The more aggressive treatments will carry a higher risk.   Most experts in chemical peels will recommend starting a topical retinoid, sunscreen and bleaching agent several weeks prior to starting a chemical peel regimen.  It is important to follow post-care closely and avoid sun exposure as recommended.  With darker skin, greater care should be taken.

Kyle Coleman, MD
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Chemical Peels and Dark Skin

The best combination of bleaching creams and retinols or Retin-A would be best for your skin.  These products combined with chemical peels using TCA would work the best.  Please consult an experienced board certified physician for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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