What is the average cost of a CoolSculpting procedure?

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Cost of Coolsculpting

The cost of Coolsculpting depends on how many areas you are having treated.  Each area can vary from $600 to $750 dollars.  You should speak to your practitioner about how many sessions you will need on each area as well so that you have realistic financial expectations.
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Coolsculpting and Cost

Cost is dependent on location and who is doing the procedure.  You will often spend more doing this than liposuction as you will need multiple treatments and numerous applicators to get contouring like results.  Please see an expert and not a ancillary staff member when doing your consult.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Varies depending on clinic and experience of provider.

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In general the average cost per area is approximately AUD $950  - $1675 (in Australia) depending on what applicators are used. If you have several areas treated you may get an overall discount which will then reduce the per area cost. To find out how many areas of opportunity you have that can be treated you will need to have a consultation as not everyone is a candidate.

The cost can vary from clinic to clinic depending on the clinic location, reputation of clinic, experience of the practitioner performing the treatments. Sometimes clinics may have promotions or CoolSculpting information events where you can get discounts.

CoolSculpting really works! so its important to seek a certified CoolSculpting clinic that has had proper training from the Coolsculpting Academy. Because the treatment works so well, like any other procedure it is more important to look at the experience of the practitioner performing the treatments rather than being motivated by finding the best price. 

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CoolSculpting costs on average between $2000-$4000 for an area

The CoolSculpting treatment is a highly personalized one as everyone's fat is different. Ideal candidates for this procedure are not too far from their ideal weight and have areas of pinch able fat they would like to reduce. Take an abdomen for example. We would assess a patient's tummy by pinching and grabbing the fat and by evaluating the directionality of the fat. Our treatment plan is then based on how many times we have to apply the coolsculpting hand piece to cover the area (abdomen in this case) as each time we apply it , it covers about an eight inch x 2 inch area. Hence most patients would need between 3-5 applications of the handpiece to cover an abdomen. This ranges between $2000-$4000. 

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Cost of Coolsculpting

The cost of the procedure depends on the applicator.  The small applicator costs $750 and the large applicator costs $1500.  The size of the applicator depends on the area being treated.  Please be certain to consult a board certified dermatologist with expertise in Coolsculpting.  Best, Dr. Green

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What is The Cost of CoolSculpting?

The price for the CoolSculpting procedure varies depending on the area treated, the size of the applicators used, the number of applicators or sessions needed, and your ultimate goals. CoolSculpting prices also depend on your geographic location. For example, in Los Angeles the regular price for a single CoolSculpting treatment ranges from $800-$1500 per area.

More importantly, when choosing a CoolSculpting center for your treatment, you should choose a physician who has extensive experience performing CoolSculpting treatments on various areas of the body. This will ensure that you get the best possible results for the money that you spend. Remember, the CoolSculpting device itself is a tool which produces different results in different hands.

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Coolsculpting Cost

dmore123 The cost will vary upon the experience and training of the provider; location; and cycles performed.  that said the average charge is $700 per cycle. BUT cost should never be your guide.  When making an appointment please ask;
  • to see pictures from the facility itself!!!!!
  • if the team providing the treatment attended Coolsculpting University. They will have the best knowledge of the treatement
  • if there is medical doctor on site
Good luck Dr B

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Average cost of CoolSculpting

Each treatment costs between 750-1500 depending on the size and location.  The large applicator is most frequently used for the lower abdominal bulge and that costs 1500.  All other applicators currently are 750 per area, therefore love handles would cost 1500

Payman Danielpour, MD, FACS
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Cost of CoolSculpting

The cost will vary according to the number of areas that need to be treated, the location of those areas, and the number of treatments needed for each area.  A thorough consultation with an experienced CoolSculpting practice will guide you.

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