Sex after an Ablation?

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Endometrial Ablation? Resumption of sex

Hello brittani31,

Thank you for your question. I am going to assume you mean an endometrial ablation which is done to correct heavy menses. I typically will have the patient wait at least three weeks until resuming sexual activity. Hope this helps. Your best advice will come from the doctor who is performing your procedure. 

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When can you have sex after your ablation?

There are two types of ablations. The first is vaginal ablation (aka laser vaginal resurfacing) with either FemiLift or MonaLisa, etc, which is done for either vaginal tightening, menopausal vaginal atrophy correction, or the improvement of mild urinary incontinence. You may resume sex 3-4 days after vaginal ablation. The second is endometrial ablation - a procedure done to correct heavy menstrual bleeding. You may resume sex in 3-6 weeks after endometrial ablation.

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Sex after an Ablation?

I am not sure what the question is, do you mean endometrial ablation?

Please retype question with a little more detail.

Thank you.

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Sex after ablation?

Its fine to have sex after an endometrial ablation.  I typically tell patients to wait three weeks or until discharge goes away.  Wait for your follow up visit if possible

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