Diffuse rash from the hibiclens wash the day before my surgery. Is this common and will it delay BA?

I washed with the hibiclens and broke out in a rash a few minutes afterwards. I've discontinued and notified my surgeon but was informed he may cancel surgery after he examines me. Is it best to wait until the rash is completely gone or if the incision area is clear will they proceed? Planning to use inframammary incision for procedure.

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Rash before surgery

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Your plastic surgeon will need to examine you on the am of surgery to decide. If there is any break in the skin integrity, even close to the incision, I would say you are at a higher risk of infection or complication. If your surgeon recommends you delay, it is the best thing for you in the long run.

I wish you well

Dr. Edwards

Rash Pre Surgery

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Unfortunately, your Plastic Surgeon would be the best person to advise you about this- preferably in person.

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Rash and surgery

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Most surgeons would cancel surgery and let the rash settle further as there can be significantly increase skin bacteria in the area which greatly increases your chance of an implant infection.You should avoid these pre op washes in the future in case you are allergic or oversensitive to them

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