PRK, ASA, SMILE or ICL? I'm totally confused

i have 541 corneal thickness, -7.5 in both eyes and am 23 years old.I EVEN have dry eyes and astigmatism a bit.. which would be the best option for me? one doctor recommended prk, another recommended lcl.. and even SMILE but now i'm confused abt ASA and SMILE....whats diffrence between ASA and PRK..bcz few doctrs claim it as same pls sugest me...hoping for guidance

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What are all the refractive procedures?

cutting: quick healing, but cutting complications like dry eyes, night glare, flap can come up years afterwards from minor trauma so not good for contact sports:
1. LASIK cutting your eye w a metal blade
2. "bladeless" LASIK cutting your cornea in half with a femptosecond laser
3. SMILE which is removing a piece of your cornea but can't fix astigmatism or hyperopia

non-cutting: safer be no flap, ok for contact sports, doesn't cause dry eyes or night glare, but recovery longer:
1. PRK orig procedure hurts a LOT and takes FOREVER to heal
2. LASEK or alcohol-assisted PRK, way less pain, much quicker recovery
3. epiLASEK, most modern "advanced surface ablation" w the safety of PRK and quick recovery of LASIK (only problem is very few surgeons own an epi-keratome machine which is nec to perform this procedure)

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