Which teeth should I remove for my lower arch crowding. (photo)

I have ceramic permanent caps on my upper left first and second molar.so my doctor said to fix the brackets at second premolar.my chief complaint is crowding in lower arch with slight protrusion of lateral incisor.also doctor said to remove my four bicuspids.

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Correction of crowding

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It is very old practice to remove teeth to correct crowding.  My suggestion is to do some research, find a good orthodontist, and go for a consultation.  You may just need braces, or possibly invisalign to correct the crowding.  Do not extract any teeth if it is not necessary.

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Ortho options #DrSoftTouch

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Thank you for posting your photo. I would recommend Invisalign to correct your teeth crowding, WITHOUT removing your bicuspids. See an experienced Invisalign provider for a consult to determine your options. Good luck and I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

Remove Bicuspids?

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It would be a HUGE mistake to remove your bicuspid teeth. Your dental arches are already too narrow, extracting bicuspid teeth would make them even more narrow, thus compromising your airway, your facial aesthetics, lip support, etc. Extracting teeth would be a terrible idea.

Find a doctor who understands the relationship between tooth movement (orthodontics) and facial aesthetics, airway health and TMJ health. There is far more to orthodontics than simply straight teeth.

Good luck!

Tooth Crowding

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You should NOT remove your bicuspids. Your teeth crowding could be corrected by using Invisalign without removing any teeth. I would recommend seeing an Orthodontist for a 2nd opinion. 

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