How many chemical peels and pixel laser treatments will it take to get the best results for acne scars? (Photo)

I have been suffering from acne since i was 15. I have been through various treatments without any considerable improvements. Currently at 31, acne has reduced but the scars left behind are very deep. I have gone for 5 sittings of chemical peels and 3 pixel laser treatments. I do not see any considerable change in the appearance of the scars. I am a chain smoker. Is this one of the reasons none of the treatments are showing any effect?

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These are not the best options for acne scar treatment.

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In my hands the best option for acne scar treatment is a comprehensive treatment that uses tumescent anesthesia, extensive subcision, fractional ablative lasers, excision of pitted and box scars and PRP.  Delayed use of filler and lesser aggressive treatments may be used after one month if necessary.  Our average improvement after a "one-and-done comprehensive treatment" was 72% on our first 114 patients.  We have now performed over 700 of these procedures and feel it is the best approach for treating a variety of acne scars.  Other methods help, but take many treatments and it is often difficult to achieve even 50% improvement.  I invented and patented a tool that I use to perform the extensive subcision.

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Acne Scars

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I would prefer injections of fillers for the deep scars and eMatrix to improve your acne scars.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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