I have undergone a laser treatment. After that, my face turned dark. How should I regain my original colour?

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Hyperpigmentation after Laser Hair Removal

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It sounds as if the pigmentation was from too much "heat" in the laser hair removal.  Please consult a dermatologist for consideration of hydroquinones and chemical peels to help your condition.  Best, Dr. Green

Skin darkening after laser hair treatment.

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You didn't mention your ethnicity in your question asked. I will assume you have darker skin tones.  The most common laser systems for treating hair have to be used very carefully when you are treating ethnically darker skin tones as the energies needed to treat hair can impact pigment on the surface.   This is why many offices now carry a laser system, called the 1064 ND/YAG that is safe for treating all skin tones up to and including black skin.  Your pigmentation should fade over time, but you will need to be careful using diode systems or Alexandrite systems on your skin.

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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