Best Treatment for Chin Hair Removal (Indian Skin Type)?

i am 31 years old Indian lady whith wheatish complection having hard and dark hair on my chin . which type of laser treatment is best for me nd yag or ipl ? or tell me the best one

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1064 YAG is good for laser hair removal in darker skin types

You would likely do fine with about 8 sessions of laser hair removal using a 1064-YAG laser, which is the gold standard for hair removal in darker skin types.  Be sure to go to a physician's office with a lot of hair removal experience, as you don't want to risk burns on your face.

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1064nm Neodynium Yag laser for laser hair removal in dark skin types

Lasers that use a longer wavelength risk affecting the pigment of the ovelying epidermis less than those with shorter wavelengths. The 1064nm. wavelength in the neodynium yag laser, provided that it has a longer pulse duration than a Q-switched laser, may be the least likely to cause a pigmentary problem. The risk exists, however, and test spots with different energy levels should be done prior to a full treatment, waiting several weeks to see what your pigmentation does as a result of the test spots.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Laser hair removal in darker skin

A long pulsed Nd Yag 1064nm has been shown to be safe and effective for laser hair removal in darker skin types. That being said, your settings will need to be adjusted for your skin type and hair type.  You must be very careful and sometimes a test spot first and follow up in 2 weeks can help decide what settings to use for you.  Do your research as burns from laser hair removal in darker skin is more common due to the laser targets and can results in permanent scarring and color changes.

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist
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