I Am of Indian Decent and Have Pitted Acne and Rolling Scars on my Face. Would Pixel Work for Me?

I am looking to get pixel laser (harmony) on my cheeks that have pitted scars and rolling scars from acne on my face. I am hoping to get rid of these through pixel laser, but want to make sure I will not have discoloration. Also, would there be any issues in getting this procedure on my cheeks only and not my whole face?

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I would not suggest using Pixel for this

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Hi There,

I would strongly advise against having a Pixel procedure done for acne scarring if you are of Indian descent because of the risk of persistent skin discoloration after the procedure.  There are much safer treatment options for acne scarring in skin of color with minimal risk of skin discoloration afterwards, which also is known as post-inflammatory hyper-or hypopigmenation.  One of those alternatives would be a conservative treatment with Fraxel, which is a non-ablative laser that with multiple treatments often yields similar results to a single Pixel treatment, but with less risk.  Depending on patient skin tone and propensity to develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, we also recommend pre-treatment with Hydroquinone.  Hope that helps!

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