Can Ultherapy help me in removing the saggy skin of my droopy upper eyelid? (Photo)

I want to get rid of droopy eyelids. Because this reduces my double eyelid gap and make me look really weird. As I don't want to GI fir blephroplasty I am looking forward to ulthetapy as a best alternative. I also want to know the cost and best surgeon for it ?
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Droopy Lid

Hi Soniichia,
We do Ultherapy for patients who have your same request.  We also do recommend going in to your local Board Certified Dermatology Practice.  Ultherapy cost for the brow lift is typically $475, full eye is typically $1,000 which also includes crows feet, under eye, and brow lift.  We also give patients the realistic expectations of your treatments and definitely take the time to consult with you regarding your questions.

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