Surgeon removed the cast on 7th day, adjusted the cartilage and placed cast back

Gt revision wit rib graft fr cartilage n bridge 2 corect croked nose.My sugeon seemed really knowledgeable n concerned.He took lots of time n studied my nose.Bt on 7th day he removed d cast n pressed the rib graft very hard n placed POP cast again.he said cartilage wil b soft yet n adjustable,n he did so 2 gain much longer n beter nose tip.i trust him bt never hurd abt such tat in practice?Dint he harm the rib graft?Wil it b fine lifelong? Don wanna go through the pain al over again.

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Adjustng rib graft

It seems (from what you are describing) that maybe the graft shifted at some point and he moved it and placed the cast to have it heal in the new position. It may work or it may not.

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