There is a strong myth that the flap created during LASIK never gets healed. Is it true?

There is a strong myth that the flap created during Lasik never gets healed. This makes our eyes vulnerable to virus or bacterial infections. How far it is true. What do i need to do to protect it from infections. By the way i've gone through Femtosecond lasik a month back and i am doing good now.

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Not a myth

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LASIK is one of the most common procedures done and most people live their lives without any trouble. It is true that the flap area, even after a normal healing period, remains potentially weaker. I have seen dislocated flaps after high velocity traumas i.e. Waterskiing, snowboarding, etc. I would not worry about infection but definitely take precautions like safety eyewear during riskier activities. 

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