My eyelid is having an extra line above it. Are there any medicines which can help before it gets worse? (photos)

my eyelid is having an extra line top of it. even though both eyes are of same size . in he morning their in no line but after some hours it suddenly appears. even for some time after i place cucumber on my eyes there is no line . i dont think it is a dropping eyelid as eyes look the same size . also i have noticed that my eyebrow is little up then the other . if i dont want to undergo a surgery (since i am afraid of what are the options which can help me ? i hope you help me thanks.

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Natural asymmetry

So the first thing to remember is that none of us are perfectly symmetric.  That is true for faces and eyes and everywhere.  So the difference between your eyelids, while it is bothersome to you, is well within the range of normal anatomy.  
From what I can tell in your picture, you seem to have slightly more upper eyelid fat on the right than on the left.  That gives your right upper lid a fuller, smoother look than your left.  It also means the skin on your left upper lid is slightly looser, and prone to have an extra wrinkle.  This will change with any puffiness that happens in the fat around the eye (typically after we lay flat at night the eye area will swell slightly, and it also will change with fatigue, seasonal allergies, crying, and lots of other things).  so it makes sens that when your eye is a little puffier, it will look fuller and the crease will go away.  
As for creams, there are lots of eye creams that aim to decrease puffiness, but I can't think of any that are to increase it.  You have a young and beautiful face - and while the appearance of the upper lid is slightly asymmetic and can be corrected, it may be a lot to go through to correct your problem.  If you did want to try something, I would recommend fillers to the upper lid beneath the brow.  We frequently use these to correct hollowed upper lids associated with age, and if your eyelid is making you really unhappy, that's where I would start.  Make sure you find someone who is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery or Oculoplastics and comfortable injecting around the eye.
Good luck!

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