I Want my Lip Look Like the Third Pic I Provided. is It Possible? (photo)

by the passing days, my lips are looking much bigger & my bottom lip looks hanging lips? does surgery or other procedure can help me? my bottom lip looks too hanging.. please help..

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Lip reduction!

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Surgery can definitely reduce the size of both the upper and lower lips, however the amount of reduction you are requesting seems unreasonable. (It is difficult to assess without examining you and testing the size and shape of your lips in resting position) The amount of tissue that would need to be removed would likely result in a much more visible scar, much higher risk of numbness and asymmetry. Best of luck with your endeavor!

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Realistic Lip Reduction Results

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While you can get some improvement in reduction of your lip size, there is no way to get to the type of lip result you are showing.

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