Want to Know if my Osteotomies for Dorsum is Imperfect and Cause of Deviate Tip?

Am21days postrhinoplsty. I feel thegap between centre of dorsum and rt and lt medial canthi are not equal.even on palpation i feel the bones are not symmetric.And the eyebrow to tip line is curved on rt and more vertical on lt. I feel the tip deviation to rt is also due to septum,and not just edema. My ps manipulated septum 12days after surgery.the deviation improved but still tip is mildly to rt.he said dorsum is correct.but today i noticed the bones. Does this mean i need 2ndSurgery? ThankU

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Too early to know if revision is needed

It is much too early to come to any such a conclusion. At this early stage the swelling is distorting some of the final features. Have patience and keep in touch with your surgeon.

Fargo Plastic Surgeon
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The goal is improvement

No surgeon can guarantee a perfect result.  The goal is to improve the nose.  Minor imperfections are natural.  The nose will continue to heal for one full year after the procedure, so it is best to wait to see the final result.

Robert Mounsey, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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21 Days after Septorhinoplasty

     Pictures would help in this case, but 21 days after surgery is not the time to be determining your final result.  Swelling will reduce dramatically.  Scar will develop.  If you trusted your plastic surgeon to perform the surgery, trust his opinion now.  He has likely seen hundreds or thousands of noses after rhinoplasty, and his assessment would be the one I would trust.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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