Can I undergo surgery for broken, inverted and painful nipples?

My kid is 6months now. I have broken and painful nippples from day one of delivery, left nipple is cracked and painful the right nipple is inverted. It was very painful when she used to latch hence stopped feeding from 5th month. Now my question is? Will nipple surgery would help me to get rid of briken, inverted & painful nipple? If yes! Which surgery I have to undergo? Please suggest. I really wanted to nurse my baby but?

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Treatment for inverted nipples

I see many patients who are bothered by inverted nipples- the problem is having ducts which are too short and 'tethering" the nipple like a parachute cord.  A simple treatment that has been proposed is to have barbell piercings placed to stretch the inverted nipple out and leave these in for a while to stretch the ducts.  I have not seen many patients that proceed this way, but it is an option. 

I prefer a microincision technique done under local anesthesia in the office- the tethering ducts are divided with a small instrument through tiny incisions until it is completely released. The key is to hold the nipple out while it is healing -I use a small nipple holder that  we place in the office and remove after a week that uses a stitch to hold the nipple out.  After the holder is removed then I have patients wear special pads to protect the nipple for another 5-6 weeks. 
This takes about 45 minutes in the office under local anesthesia-so you don't have to suffer.  Good luck!

Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Inverted nipples

Yes there is surgery to correct inverted nipples and it can be done under local anesthesia. I usually do this procedure in my office. If you have breast fed it is best to wait until your milk dries up which can take 6 mod. To correct inverted nipples the breast ducts are cut so you would not be able to breast feed (at least it would be very unlikely) if you became pregnant again. This procedure is best done by a plastic surgeon. I'm sure someone in your area would be glad to help you.

Karen Quigley, MD
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