Treatment for Raised Stitched Scar Formed Due to Accident? (photo)

Hello I had an accident when i was 6 years old due to which my right side cheek was cut and was stitched immediately.Now im 21 years old,as u can see from the picture it has formed into white raised scar.I want to know if scar revision with combined laser treatment will remove my scar completely?What can i expect from scar revision?Also i want to hide my scar so is there any way to camouflage it temporary(medicine/makeup products?)Pls help!I feel very frustrated.

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The photograph shows the cetner of your scar to actually be depressed. This scar looks like it has widened with time. It can be improved with a revision

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How to treat an old facial scar

Though your close-up photo is not well focused, it appears that it is both wide and elevated. If this is the case, then surgical excision may be the most appropriate treatment for you. Obviously, a history and physical examination would be needed to more firmly substantiate this consideration.

You should consider consulting with one or more reputable board certified plastic surgeons in your area.

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Treatment of unsightly scars

Options for treating scars include surgical revision, medical treatment with topical or injected drugs, and laser or related devices.  Often a combination of techniques is required to achieve best results.  Scars which are red or pink can become smoother and lighter in color with vascular laser (such as VBeam) or IPL treatment.  Scars which are white may respond to laser resurfacing.  Depressed scars often require removal or revision followed by medical and/or laser treatment.  The expected outcome after treatment of a scar should always be for improvement, not perfection. 

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