Need Suggestion on Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am going to have my rhinoplasty soon, Dr will work on tip projection, since the left nostril is higher than the right one, so work to bring it down. and columella straightenng for my tilted columella. I want to narrow down the dorsum breadth too but my doctor told me that narrowing down the dorsum will decrese the height of the nose . so he has suggested me on not going for narrowing dorsum , so is there any way I can narrow down the dorsum breadth, without affecting nose height.

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Augmentation rhinoplasty

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It appears from the photos you provided that you have a wide dorsum and some mid third collapse. I do think you would benefit from narrowing the bridge of the nose which will actually increase dorsal height. You may also need septal grafting or rib cartilage depending upon what is present in your nose or whether you had previous surgery in addition to some tip projection as well. Good luck.

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You need real support

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From your nasal photos, it looks like you have some nasal collapse...along the lines of a saddle nose deformity. You absolutely need some strong support grafts...and may even require a.rib graft. Adding volume to your bridge, would provide the look of a narrower bony width.

Kevin Brenner, MD, FACS
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Need Suggestion on Rhinoplasty?

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Think about a nasal graft or implant to increase the bridge height. And have the bones fractured to decrease theca width. 

Narrowing the nasal dorsum without decreasing its projection.

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In general, it should be possible to narrow the width of the nasal bridge without markedly affecting its projection.  The following maneuvers will accomplish this goal:

  • removal of narrow strips of bone and cartilage immediately adjacent to the midline.
  • medial and lateral osteotomies  to move the nasal sidewalls inward thereby closing the gaps created above.

When attempting to narrow the bridge it is critical to preserve an adequate, stable opening through the internal nasal valve or else nasal obstruction will develop.

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS, FRCSC.


Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS
Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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