Subcision? Laser? Peel ? Which i should start first, my dermatologist saying peel first after laser or subcision.

I am 25 years old having the scar from my 18 years,i had dermaroler but didn't worked for me now i am trying to get rid of with above 3 combination. Please suggests me , i am thinking going subcision first and after laser, i am asian

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Acne scar treatments include sublative RF, fractional laser, and Yag

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I would use a combination protocol for acne scars that includes sublative RF, fractional laser, skin tightening, Yag laser, subcision, and fillers as a first line therapy. Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

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Treatment of scars, Asian skin

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thanks for your question. First of all, with your skin type, before ANY of these procedures, your skin MUST be preconditioned with a skin care regimen to stabilize your melanocytes. You are likely at high risk for post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation so skin conditioning reduces the risk of this and the risk of problems with post procedure healing. Once you have been skin conditioning for 12 weeks, doing one or more peels first makes sense. Doing that will enhance your laser results if you choose that path next. Subscision is also usually an option and might be preferred before laser if, for example, you have ice pick type scars.Best,Lisa Vuich, MD

Lisa Vuich, MD
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